Enough time had come. My bachelor’s degree had been newly in hand, and I decided to accept the first job I had been offered ( it absolutely was the Great Recession and the fear of unemployment was very real). Thankfully, working together with senior high school seniors as they navigated the college application process turned out to be a fit that is great me! I discovered many things working at a highschool (do you realize there’s a software that calculates the likelihood you are going to obtain a snowfall day?!), and each fall was a class in exactly how difficult it’s to become a 12th grader.

Senior is tough year! You are in your hardest classes up to now, you are taking on more and more duties, you’re hitting a milestone virtually every week…and then we ask you to college. 12th grade may never be simple, you can easily make it less hard. Though each pupil’s college procedure is unique, there are a small number of behaviors/mind sets that I have observed cause unneeded anxiety time and time again. Some call them the Four Horseman of the Appocalypse that is common by some I mean me personally), but these are typically all avoidable once you learn how exactly to recognize the signs!

 Focusing too much on everything you can’t change.

Can you keep fretting about that C you’ve got in freshman English? Are you regretting your decision to quit the track team? Many students spend their senior fall concentrating on the past, and it drains their time and energy like Snapchat drains my phone battery pack. Instead of stressing about things you cannot change, spend your time writing a well thought out essay, striving for great senior year grades, and putting together the best application you can. Think upward and forward!

Ignoring the advice of your elders.

Do you nod whenever your counselor speaks then instantly wipe the conversation from your own memory? Do you reject your parents’ guidance like it’s your task? I’m shocked…really, I Will Be. Keep in head that, with it,’ the adults in your life can offer important insight into your application process (and even help you identify your strengths so you can better highlight them) while they might not always be ‘hip and. Ignoring their advice can cut you off from some pretty valuable information, so why don’t you take most of the help you are able to get?

Falling in love.

No, I’m not speaking about the lab partner you’ve possessed a crush on for years (them already) though you should really just tell! I’m speaking about the head-over-heels students that are feeling get for one university on their list. There’s a difference between having a choice that is first being so fixated on a school which you can not even fathom going somewhere else. It is called the faculty process for a reason—no one knows exactly how it shall end! You are admitted to your top choice (and obviously I hope your top choice is USC), I strongly encourage you to keep an open mind and find a number of institutions you would love to attend though I sincerely hope.


Are you currently leaving things to your minute that is last? Are you putting down finding out about what supplementary essays you’ll need to write? Are you currently reading this post on 14th january? You are procrastinating! Despite what you may tell yourself, no one works most readily useful under stress (trust me…this is a ‘do as I state, not as I do’ situation). Multiple drafts would be the key to a good essay, and making significant progress before the eleventh hour is truly the only defense against a sloppy application. You have got enough on your own dish senior year. If you do not have a plan yet for how you will complete all of your essays, supplements, applications, etc. make one! That you don’t desire to rush (or even worse, forget something) in this procedure. So stop scanning this weblog and get to work— you are known by me may https://shmoop.pro/the-bell-jar-chapter-19-and-20-summary/ do it!

Pupil Highlight: USC Student Body President, Edwin Saucedo

Hey All,

It’s Natalie Guevara and I’m excited to start working with our web log. While discovering topic ideas, I looked at common questions we have from prospective students plus one of my favorites is often: what’s it like to be a learning student at USC? And though I’m an alumna of the college and had my very own experiences… that is great really want you to hear from current students with a bigger range of majors/involvement/background/etc. So rather than hear about most of the things that are cool need to say (many of you get an adequate amount of that), I’ll find current students to inform you about their experiences. The student Body President for the Undergraduate Student Government for our first installment, we have Edwin Saucedo. He could be originally from South Gate, CA and is set to graduate this coming May 2017. Here is what he’d to say:

Four years back, I found myself where many of you might be right now: frustrated with my personal statement and tired of looking for the perfect college. It was hard sufficient attempting to navigate university applications when neither of my parents talked English or had pursued advanced schooling themselves. The stress of finding the best place to spend the next four years was extremely overwhelming.

As we think straight back at my university application process the first thing I have to say is, everything worked out better than I could have ever anticipated. Whenever I applied to college I never ever thought I would personally wind up at USC. I expanded up in Southern Gate, CA where only 6% of this population that is total a college degree. It goes without saying, I never imagined i might find myself being the pupil Body President my year that is senior here. The four years in between my year that is senior of school and senior year of college have induced an amount of classes, experiences, and friendships we never expected. However, the combination of most these unexpected life outcomes has indeed led me to where I am today.

Being Student Body President at one of the more prestigious universities into the country is an job that is intimidating. It’s not easy trying to express nearly 19,000 students who result from over 100 different countries, are of all various races, and have extremely diverse economic backgrounds. However, it really is also a tremendously opportunity that is rewarding. Every time we have to go into our student government office and get myself: how to get this to college a better place for all pupils? That is our objective in student government, to create the greatest undergraduate experience, which is why I made the decision to run for this position last spring.

I invest at least twenty hours each week listening to pupils’ experiences, asking them just how I possibly could be of any service, and connecting them towards the proper channels on this campus. On one other side of things, we advocate on their behalf to administration in efforts to produce better campus policies, address any presssing issues, and plan for future years of our campus. My favorite part however is taking the information and knowledge we discovered from both students and administrators and picking out unique solutions to addressing these dilemmas.

In student government we pride ourselves in being innovators and thinkers that are creative. We challenge each other’s ideas and gives suggestions about improvements. At the end of the day, we come up with proposals how to address each and every issue. It is through these creative proposals that we’ve been able to get our students free Uber rides from 7pm to 2 am and have actually gotten a regular farmers market on campus. But our work does not end there. Over the course of the year our pupil government puts on over 300 events that are free our students. These cover anything from intimate talks about our education system to bringing speakers like Laverne Cox or designers like Diplo for all of our students to enjoy.

We shape the undergraduate experience and give students the ability to explore perspectives beyond their own; because that is what college is focused on. Regardless of yourself and be challenged by others whether you go to USC or choose elsewhere as your new home, dare to challenge. As President I always encounter students perspectives that differ from my own, they’re not wrong or right but different, and that is okay.

You will end up, but instead what you will do once you get there as you approach the last months of the college application process don’t worry as much about where. College is time to explore and find your passion. I came across my passion within student government and working towards increasing USC for present and future students. For you, that passion may lie in another activity. Regardless, enjoy your last months of high school and get ready to embark in a journey that is new of unique and exciting experiences. All the best on applying to university and should you ever get disillusioned, remember that why is Trojans strong is we always Fight On!